Before the departure of the expedition
Uummannaq, March the 8th

We have not experienced such a cold weather for a long time : with 32°C bellow 0, it's the coldest temperatures for Uummannaq fjord. Even if cold enables ice to be thicker, the sea has frozen very late this year again : mid-February.

Two young French boys have been together with us for two weeks
Shooting for " Thalassa ", a famous French TV program

A TV team came to Uummannaq to shoot several winter sequences for a big program about Greenland. During almost two weeks, they filmed life in our small Inuit community with the main marine animals as " stars " : seals from the net to the skin clothes and halibuts from the fisherman's line to the fish factory. I was telling them what can they shoot and who can be characters in the film ; I was guide, translator and organizing the shootings ; even I was interviewed as " the French living with Inuit people ". To be fast and efficient, we travelled on ice with snow mobils and... a car ! Incredible but true : Uummannaq is the only place in Greenland where it's possible and allowed to drive on the sea ! But we sometimes had to spend some hours to get the car out of the deep snow...

French famous TV program shooting a seal for a film
Training for our dogsledge expedition
For the Children's Home, training has started around Uummannaq and even a camp in nature was settled down in Uummannatsiaq - at 30 km from home - in the place where we shot our film called " Ice School " (" The Little Kings Of The Sea-Ice " in French) last year.
This year again, we won't go dogsledging to Thule because the TV film production is not ready yet. It always takes time to produce an international film. But film and Thule expedition will be next year.
Right now, we are training and waiting for higher temperatures to leave for a long trip. When temperatures get up to -15°C or -20°C and then become more comfortable, we will decide destination (surely out of Uummannaq Bay) and date of departure. Wait for next week to know for sure...

Taxi on the sea-ice